Vaibhav Niti

A Global Youth Lens On Geo-Politics, Economics and Politics


About Vaibhav Niti:

The world today is ever more integrated and, in a rush to un-complicate, is even more complex. Global dynamics are a cocktail of of events that never saw the black and white in the previous century.

Vaibhav Niti aims to underscore the range of these topics from a fresh youth-led perspective. This webpage is the ornamental mouthpiece of the global youth.

About the Author:

Sajal Bansal is currently studying International Economics and Finance at University Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Milan, Italy. He will be a Finance major. Sajal has worked as a Policy Analyst in Harva, India’s first business process outsourcing organisation set up in rural India. He is also the founder of ‘Vaibhav Niti’, a journal that breaks down and publishes government policies and solutions. He specialises in foreign policy analysis and research. Sajal is a widely published writer and is also the author of a paper on Iran’s foreign policy and its evolution since the revolution of 1979.

Sajal is currently the Research Assistant and Assistant Coordinator of IPAN (International Policy Analysis Network), Asia’s first Youth Led Public Policy think tank.

He is an avid MUNer and is passionate about Athletics, Basketball and Squash. He is a state level Basketball and Squash Player. Sajal is a mountaineer and has been part of 3 expeditions.


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